Why “The War On Drugs” is like a War on Bacon!

To commiserate the 40th anniversary of Nixon's failed “War On Drugs” and the availability of our album on iTunes — I put together a quickie “I Won The Drug War” video today:

It's one of the 40 tracks on our new album.

The true irony of this song: The lyrics were written in 1999 from South Georgia prison where I was severing time for drug possession. Here is the actual Georgia Department of Corrections parchment I penned the original lyrics on:

While incarcerated, I would write new song lyrics daily and mail them home. I never used most of them. They were too damn depressing. While recording “A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity” — I started digging through lyrics I had laying around for ideas, when I found this.

Maybe it was the absurd juxtaposition that “someone” had written a song with this title, on prison paper, from prison while serving time for drugs that inspired me. I wrote the music for this 40-second song in 30 seconds. We recorded it a few days later in Atlanta.

Anyhoo, Happy 40th mean Mr. War — it's time you dug yourself off from The Front Line of Failure to wave a white flag! The “Drug War” is like criminalizing bacon! While bacon may not be the most healthy thing: it's so fucking awesome that people will still crave it — even in the absence of legality.

Those that are willing to provide the swine will get rich, while the rest of us…

Are just hogs to the slaughter.


Dick Delicious

This song features Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth and Primate on backing vocals.

Get the new album on iTunes right now, it’s 40 tracks of greatness:

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