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Satan Will Always Love You!

“My name is lucifer please take my hand…” – Black Sabbath Do you need to know if Satan is calling your name? It’s getting easy to check now…. people search by Spokeo

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Jesus Vs. Satan Arm Wrestling

Here is a faceoff I’d love to see at my local bar!!! Tap Into the 4,000 Year Old Science of Numerological Analysis

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SATAN Seen With Gay Priest in West Hollywood!!

SATAN Seen With Gay Priest in West Hollywood!!

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An Interview With Gaahl From Gorgoroth Part 2 (The Most Satinic Band Ever)

Unless you are truly into some Satanic death metal fan, you might not know who Gaahl from Gorgoroth is but he delivered one of the most unintentionally funny interviews of all time of the movie “A Headbangers Journey” (see clip … Continue reading

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Easter eggs are a tool of Satan!!

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God is bad, mmmkay?

If you are stupid enough to believe in god, then you are stupid enough to believe in the devil. If you are stupid enough to do both of those things, you are also stupid enough to do this… http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2012/02/08/cops-possessed-mother-slits-9-month-old-daughters-throat/

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LOLJesus.com on the death penalty and the vacuum of justice in The South.

For the record, (I) LOLJesus.com is 1000% against the death penalty, for reasons that will be discussed in a later blog, but let’s try and stick to the funny…#TeamSatan had the cash to get these kids out of jail – … Continue reading

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