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Just overheard a drunk-Jesus-loving-Christian-redbeck trying to talk to an obviously-gay-dude out of being gay because, “God thinks it’s a sin” made my conversation about “fucking two girls at the same time that whose ages added up was less than yours” … Continue reading

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The Bible didn’t just teach you just to hate fags…

It also starred one! Thanks Jacob!

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Gay Jesus

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God still hates homosexuals!

Well, sort of…clam lappers are ok, but we should make some kind of 11th commandment about only allowing the hot ones. Thanks Rob.

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Jesus and the kids ..

Oooooookayy ….. PS: This website is a lot more fun with comments. Both pagans and raging Christians (preferred) are allowed to post.

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Even Gays Find Jesus Boring!

Thanks Shaun!

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Being Gay Is Gay?

Who cares? These guys seem to be having a good time. 🙂

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Want To See You LOLJesus Submissions Get Listed Faster?

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO WATERMARK YOUR IMAGE WITH LOLJESUS.COM! I make like negitive zero dollars off this site…at least save me a few minutes a day to get your glorious works posted here! Feel free to submit whatever tiy have … Continue reading

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Jesus Reach Around

It’s funny because I can totally see Jesus pounding a guy in the ass then trying the reach around.

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Jesus The Pedophile

K … this one is simply wrong, but someone submitted it so lets see what type of hatemail I get from this one, lol. (note: I do not in any way condone the exploitation of children, the user who submitted … Continue reading

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